Cheap accommodation. Welcome!

Welcome! If you are looking for an accommodation in Prague, AZ Hostel in Prague 1 is the right choice for you!

AZ Hostel in Prague 1 offers  cheap price , good quality and affordable accommodation. Thanks to AZ Hostel you don't have to seek a compromise between location, price, quality and capacity of accommodation. AZ Hostel is located in the Prague city center 1 minute walk from Wenceslas Square. We offer modern and cheap accommodation in Prague at a high standard.


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AZ Hostel Prague hostel Czech Republic - cheap accomodation


For more than 10 years AZ Hostel offers cheap accommodation in Prague. We use our experience to  provide a profesional service for our customers. Our regular customers in the AZ  Hostel Prague are both from the Czech Republic and abroad.



  • All rooms in AZ Hostel has been innovated and equipped with new furniture.
  • Two new kitchens for our guests.
  • Photo Gallery

Accommodation in Prague

Are you planning a trip to Prague searching for a cheap accommodation in Prague city center? Are you a company, school or are you on a business trip and need to find cheap accommodation in Prague? If yes, AZ hostel Prague is here for you! We have a sufficient number of beds even for large groups, and for a price that is acceptable for students and low budget travellers! AZ Hostel Prague offers cheap accommodation !!


We offer free Wi-Fi internet connection in the common room

for all customers who are staying in our hostel.




We offer fresh coffee and tea for free

for all customers who are staying in our hostel.



We appreciate our regular  and long-staying customers! Book your accommodation in our hostel Prague for a week or more! and you will get  10% discount.



Our everyday aim is to provide quality accommodation and create a pleasant and friendly environment for AZ hostel guests. Security and safety for our customers is also our aim. Hostel guests can use a safebox at the reception for free. The passage where the hostel is located has its own security guard and only the hostel guest can enter the hostel during the night.


AZ Hostel Prague provides accommodation

  • accommodation for independent travellers - for those traveling to Prague for a concert, sightseeing, a trip ...
  • accommodation for groups - many years we work together with travel agencies as well as  with the large private groups
  • accommodation for schools and other groups , planning trips in Prague
  • accommodation for business travellers in Prague, employees working in Prague etc.


Our hostel is suitable for both long-and short-term accommodation of persons and groups. If is our offer of cheap accommodation in Prague 1 interresting for you, do not hesitate to contact us. For the successful reservation of larger groups we recommend you to book an accommodation several months in advance.


All areas of the hostel are non-smoking (rooms, hallways, kitchens, common room,…).

Cheap accommodation in Prague for groups

We offer group accommodation in Prague - Are you a company and need to provide the cheap accommodation for your employees in Prague? Are you a school or  travel agency and want to organize a trip to Prague - we offer group discounts for accommodation ! Do not hesitate to contact us!


Booking enquiry of an accommodation in AZ hostel


Do not hesitate! and book with us your accommodation in our hostel in Prague. For booking you can use our quick and simple online request form. If you want to know the state of your booking immediately, please contact our non-stop hostel reception desk by the telephone.
We will be very happy to answer your questions and help you with your reservation.


  • Fixed phone: + 420 224 241 664          
  • Cellphone: + 420 777 206 892
  • Booking form


Get the cheapest accommodation in the heart of Prague, just a few steps from Wenceslas Square. 



                AZ Hostel   Lounge                                               Private  doubleroom in AZ Hostel


AZ Hostel location


The great advantage of our hostel is an excellent location in the center of Prague. AZ Hostel is located in Jindřišská street in Prague 1, against the building of the Main Post Office, just 50 meters from Wenceslas Square.
AZ Hostel is located in the arcade, with the windows placed to the courtyard, so your accommodation won't be disturbed by the noise from the street and you will still be able to enjoy all the benefits that result from the location in the city center.


You can come to the AZ hostel Prague from Jindřišská street, or directly from Wenceslas Square - the entrance leads to the hostel via the Van Graaf store. Another way to get to our hostel is from the street  "V Cípu"



           Wenceslas Square, 50 meters from the hostel               Jindřišská tower, 150 meters from the hostel


AZ Hostel  Prague and its neighbourhood

The National Museum (in the picture together with Wenceslas Square) is located near the AZ hostel in Prague . In Jindřišská Street there is also Jindřišská tower that was built in 1472 to 76. Jindřišká bell tower has 10 floors. The bell tower reaches a height of 65.7 meters and is the highest bell tower in Prague. In  the 1st floor is a reception. In he  tower you can visit the museum, the restaurant and a unique carillon  with a 10 bells , that plays everyday one of a 1100 melodies. In the last floor you can see the prospect of the Prague skyline.  


Try a cheap accommodation in our hostel! Directly in the arcade, where AZ hostel is located , you will find great restaurants and shops for your leisure, entertainment and amusement with friends.


  • currency exchange
  • laundry
  • Billiard Center - photo gallery and more information are available here.
  • restaurants (Mediterranean, Thai)
  • delicatessen
  • cafe
  • Internet cafe
  • travel agency and many shops


Hotel in Prague or Hostel in Prague?

Prague is one of the most visited  tourist places in the world and prices of hotels in Prague are often very high. The solution may be an accommodation in hostel . Today, most hostels in Prague offers high quality accommodation but at a much lower price than you would pay in a hotel in Prague. We hope that after visiting our hostel you will find that AZ hostel offers comfortable accommodation and much lower price than in a hotel in Prague!
(for detailed information about pricing , see  Price list  ).


Prague is one of the most attractive tourist cities in the world. Strolling through Prague is like a textbook or browse the catalog architecture. In Prague you can find all the architectural styles that  Europe gave the world in the last 1000 years. Prague is not only some architectural open-air museum, Prague is also a modern city, where there is a series of modern music clubs, bars, shopping centers. If you choose an accommodation in our hostel, many of these attractions will be available for you to walk!
(for more info about Prague, see Prague ).




Video view of the Prague Wenceslas Square near the hostel.